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Paige and Hadley's Prom from Hell
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Paige and Hadley\'s Prom from Hell

Logline: Haunted by a murdered cheerleader, a punk rock girl must stop the mystery killer who’s targeting prom queen nominees even if it means her own death, or worse — actually attending the prom!

Synopsis: Paige & Hadley live in a hell town and go to a hell school where they’re forced to survive cheerleaders, jocks, freaks, dysfunctional parents and murderous janitors, all who may have played a part in the death of a local teen, Val. As Paige struggles to piece together this mystery, a practical joke lands her as one of five prom queen nominees who are targeted by a mystery killer on their ill-fated senior prom cruise. This “thinking girl’s slasher film” takes place in Cleveland in the 1980’s, the era of the original slasher. Set against a backdrop of cheerleader-killing moms, AIDS-awareness and hyper-consumerism, Prom combines the gory scares of the slasher genre with strong characters, a fully-developed plot, humor and even romance.

Praise for Prom from Hell

“Congratulations!  We are pleased to inform you that your script PAIGE & HADLEY’S PROM FROM HELL has been selected for the second round of consideration for the 2011 January Screenwriters Lab!”  -Sundance Film Festival

“A fun read and likely an even more fun onscreen experience…Character development is really well handled and the delicate touch the writers have taken with the tone of the film ends up being crucial; it’s not easy to carry off a series of grisly murders that somehow seem to get funnier as they get more gruesome.” -the Los Angeles Film Independent Writer’s Lab

God Save the Queen

This Prequel is both a stand-alone short film as well as the first 18 minutes of the feature-length film Paige & Hadley’s Prom From Hell. Queen introduces us to Paige and Hadley’s wacky punk rock world, the colorful characters who reside within it and the second wildest night of Paige’s life. Queen also sets up the catalyst for Prom’s main storyline and the truly wildest night of Paige’s life – prom night, of course.

A high school misfit learns her ‘secret admirer’ is in danger and must uncover his identity to warn him… and maybe even meet her soulmate!

It’s 1987. Paige is a total outsider at Whit-Collier High. She dresses like a punk and regularly lands detention for her playfully rebellious ways. When her best friend Hadley questions their endless quest to “fight the establishment,” Paige feels abandoned, until a secret admirer leaves a ventriloquist’s dummy of Paige’s idol, Sex Pistol Sid Vicious, in her locker with a mysterious note. Paige follows clues to uncover the identity of this kindred spirit but her investigation reveals her secret admirer could be in danger from a “spy in a trench coat”. Paige’s quest to save her mystery man (oh, please let it be that demigod with a guitar, Noah Zimmerman!) snowballs into the craziest night of her life. She encounters romance, humiliation and… murder! Paige ultimately learns that in high school, much like life, we all don masks, underneath which we are not so very different after all.

Meet the Writers and Producer

Devi Snively (Writer/Directrix)

Devi (pronounced DAY-vee) has worked professionally as a ballerina, hair model, book editor, Spanish translator, video game writer, documentary filmmaker, newspaper columnist and video editor. She’s been decidedly unprofessional in several other careers. In 2010 CHICAGO NOW named Devi one of the “13 MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN HORROR.” She is a featured director in author Greg Lamberson’s Bram-Stoker Award-nominated book CHEAP SCARES, about the next wave of horror auteurs. Her screenplays have placed in such competitions as Slamdance, Scriptapalooza and many more. Her short films have been officially selected to screen at over 200 festivals worldwide and garnered numerous awards and critical acclaim. In 2007, Devi was chosen as one of only 8 invited to participate in the American Film Institute’s (AFI) Directing Workshop for Women where she directed her multi-award winning short DEATH IN CHARGE, in which she continues to explore themes of life and death with playful irony. When she’s not making her own, Devi teaches her always over-enrolled horror film course at the University of Notre Dame and The American Music and Dramatic Academy in Hollywood. Her latest feature screenplay PAIGE & HADLEY’S PROM FROM HELL, written with partner Circus-Szalewski, has most recently placed as a finalist in the Sundance Writer’s Lab and took the Grand Jury Award for Best Screenplay at the London Independent Film Festival, among numerous other awards.

Devi’s Website

Circus-Szalewski (Co-Writer)

Circus-Szalewski arrived in Chicago shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall to perform and/or understudy with many of the city’s edgier theatre companies and soon expanded into other realms. With extensive performing credits on stage, screen, television, radio, and interactive media, and a penchant for crafting dramatis
personae, “the Circus” naturally gravitated to creating the characters’ worlds, lives, and words from scratch at page level. In addition to the current writing partnership with Devi Snively, C-S has recently written assorted comedy sketches for Gary Joy’s web-radio program, THE CASTING COUCH on VoiceAmerica.com, and is in development on a sitcom pilot MIDA$ WELL, gameshow WHAT A PRIZE!, and hybrid-reality programming project WOLFPACK.

Stephanie Bell (Producer)

Terrified of horror films since childhood, native New Yorker Stephanie decided the best way to “get over it” was to produce them herself! An award-winning film and theater producer whose shorts have screened at film festivals all over the world, Stephanie also has over 12 years of experience in production, business & legal affairs, and finance. She’s worked for Interscope Communications, Paramount Pictures, and Franchise Pictures on such films as WHAT DREAMS MAY COME, PITCH BLACK, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE II, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, BRINGING OUT THE DEAD, THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW, THE WHOLE NINE YARDS, DRIVEN, AND 3000 MILES TO GRACELAND, among others. In 2007, Stephanie produced Jose Rivera’s (THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES) short script, THE WINGED MAN for the American Film Institute’s prestigious Directing Workshop for Women (“DWW”). The film was chosen to represent AFI at Cannes and recently screened on SiTV. Stephanie’s pitch for feature film, THE DEVIL OF APPALACHIA placed as one of five finalists in the 2010 inaugural AFM/People’s Choice Awards “Favorite Film Pitch” Competition and is currently in pre-production. Stephanie also produces the popular webisodic series MAN VS. FILMS, chosen by Atom TV as one of the best viral videos in 2008. Stephanie has produced for By the Woods Productions, the Annex Film Group, (Soft Serve Pictures), and award-winning theatre companies Ensemble Studio Theatre-The LA Project (Managing Director), Sacred Fools (Co-Artistic Director), Chautauqua Theatre Alliance (Board of Directors), Theatre of NOTE, and The Edge of the World Theatre Festival.

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