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Paige and Hadley's Prom from Hell
Dorm From Hell: A Future Project
New Year's From Hell: A Future Project

New Year\'s From Hell: A Future Project

A Live Action Feature Film Project

Logline: Winter break in Cleveland is HELL as Paige’s quest for a New Year’s midnight kiss gets thwarted by another wronged ghost and Hadley’s ongoing virginity-losing campaign lands her in the wrong bed – with a corpse! – and there’s more where he came from.

Synopsis: It’s New Year’s Eve in Cleveland and that’s the least of Paige & Hadley’s problems. A bad snowstorm prevents their flight back to NYC– so much for their third row seats to the sold out Delphiniums Blue concert! Still heartbroken from her bad break-up with Noah, Paige just wants to stay home and crawl into bed, but Hadley convinces her to come to Zoe’s party instead. She plans to lose her virginity to Spence before the clock strikes 12 and convinces Paige to at least find somebody new to kiss. Paige decides a New Year’s smooch might not be so bad, but as luck would have it, they arrive to discover Noah’s band is playing. Paige takes no joy in seeing his new girlfriend draped all over him, but just as she’s about to flee the scene, she meets a number of promising suitors. Only they keep disappearing on her. Bloody hell!” proclaims her ever-present puppet, Sid Vicious, as she goes in search of her missing would-be midnight kisses. Only, this time Paige didn’t make him say it! She turns around to find… a ghost! And you’ll never believe who needs her help this time! Meanwhile, Hadley slips into bed with Spence, only to discover theirs are not the only bodies under the covers. And there’s more where this stiff came from! Snowed in with a killer on the loose, Paige and Hadley face their scariest night yet where nobody can be trusted – not even their own (ex) boyfriends. Should old aquaintance be forgot… or eliminated altogether? In any case, love kills.

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