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Paige and Hadley's Prom from Hell
Dorm From Hell: A Future Project
New Year's From Hell: A Future Project

Dorm From Hell: A Future Project

A Live Action Feature Film Project

Logline: At college, Paige is haunted by the ghost of a student who needs her to prove his rumored suicide was, in fact, a murder, while Hadley’s ongoing quest to lose her virginity may just land them as the killer’s next victims!

Synopsis: It’s back to school for Paige & Hadley, but this time around it’s college, where a whole new kind of hell awaits them. Paige lands in the dorm from hell with the total roommate from hell – another GHOST! “Bollocks!” quips her ever-present ventriloquist’s dummy, Sid Vicious. This time, it’s Byron, the former occupant of Paige’s new dorm room. He killed himself the previous school year by taking a nose-dive off the roof. Only, he didn’t jump after all; he was pushed! Now he needs Paige to help him solve his own murder so his soul can finally lay to rest. Is it Paige’s crazy nemesis from puppeteering class, a brown-nosing T.A. who stole Byron’s girlfriend, Byron’s conniving ex who now sets her sights on Paige’s boyfriend Noah, or a host of other crazy co-eds? Meanwhile, Hadley’s counting down to their school’s infamous “dress to get laid” ball. Spence will drive down that weekend with Noah, and not a moment too soon. Raging hormones convince Hadley it’s time to lose her virginity once and for all, due in no small part to her increasingly elaborate fantasies about dreamy anthropology Professor, Dr. Darwin. Paige juggles her own conflicting emotions when her growing friendship with Byron presents some unexpected transdimensional complications, which are compounded when his killer strikes again…and again! Will Paige give up the ghost or throw down the gauntlet? Either way, being a freshman seriously sucks.

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